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Get Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Tops for Your Home or Business

We have stunning bathroom vanity tops that will give your bathroom a complete makeover and transform your vanity and counters to look brand new.

Dozens of Design Options

Stone Express Inc. has some of the most versatile design options for bathroom finishings.


Choose from patterns and designs that work best with your bathroom’s interiors, whether it’s a more modern design or something more classic. Our company is offering you thousands of options and combinations for the perfect bathroom vanity top!

Custom Styles and Fittings

In addition to having great quality products in stock, we provide customers with the most detailed custom fittings.


Our team will measure your current bathroom vanity top or work closely with you to redesign and resize what you already have.


Reach out to us for a custom quote and recommendations.

Durable Materials

Our bathroom vanity tops are made of highly durable, wear-resistant materials like quartz and granite.


Not only do they look fantastic and have a beautiful finish, they’re resistant to scratches, water stains, and damage, and will last you for several years with the right care and maintenance.


We can confidently guarantee the durability of our stone slabs!

Efficient Services

Want a bathroom renovation but hate the thought of waiting? We get the job done in the shortest time possible


The entire process from when you visit our showroom, finalize your design, and we deliver our incredible products to you, can take just a few days, thanks to our efficient team.

Qualified Professionals

The reason we’re so confident about the quality of our work and services is due to the hard work and commitment of our team members.


They are highly qualified, experienced, and skilled individuals with the insight, work ethic, and talent that it takes for a job well done.

Incredible Pricing

Worried about the cost of changing your bathroom’s vanity tops? Don’t stress!


We have amazing rates and offer highly competitive pricing for our services and products.


You can learn all about our pricing for bathroom vanity tops when you reach out to us for a consultation.

Call the Shots on Your Custom Bathroom Countertop in Naples

An old bathroom vanity top against a remodeled bathroom looks as weird as a new countertop against old fixtures and tiles. A luxurious bathroom deserves a stunning quartz top, and Stone Express Inc. has been doing them out in Naples for the better part of two decades.

Nowadays, the bathroom vanity tops look completely different from those trending when we started as custom bathroom countertop installers. If your vanity is as old as our business, you have every right to modernize and trade an old bathroom countertop in Naples for a new one.

Every Quartz Bathroom Top Ever!

Although we sell granite and marble vanity tops, we always kickoff our recommendations with quartz. The material has so much color and quality to offer that it’s hard not to think of bathroom countertops in any other material.

As for style, dear reader, there’s no shortage of those either.

Integrated Vanity Tops

An integrated bathroom countertop is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a vanity top that maintains the aesthetic continuity with your sink basin. These two elements might be fused, or the sink may be attached under your custom bathroom countertop. The latter is usually the case with quartz bathroom tops, saving you the time and money involved in a separate sink basin.

Cut-Out Vanity Tops

Cut-out bathroom countertops come with a cut-out area where the sink should go. While that means you have to spend extra time and money searching for an essential element of your vanity, it also comes with an advantage: you have unlimited choices.

Whether you’re getting an integrated, cut-out, or the more modern vessel bathroom countertop, you bet Stone Express Inc. has done ’em all. So, what are you waiting for? Install your custom bathroom countertops in Naples, and take our experts along for the ride.

Get Premium Quality Quartz, Granite, and Marble Countertop Fabrication and Installation with Stone Express.

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