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Quartz vs. Granite: 2022 Heat Resistance Comparison

Quartz and granite countertops are the most popular, attractive, and durable options available in the market. But which material offers better heat resistance? Here’s the ultimate guide that will answer your question through the information below.

How Much Heat Can Quartz Withstand 

You must avoid exposing a quartz surface to extreme heat for long periods. Quartz is an engineered material that generally comprises 10% polyresin and 90% natural quartz. Placing hot pots and hot pans directly on a quartz countertop can result in significant damage, leaving burn marks and forming discolored patches. That’s because excessive heat melts the resin on the surface.

How Much Heat Can Granite Withstand 

While you should always be careful while placing hot items on your quartz countertops, you don’t have to worry about granite countertops. However, you should always put hot pads and trivets to place your hot items on your granite countertop.

Is Quartz or Granite Better at Resisting Heat 

Considering the characteristics of both quartz and granite, it’s fair to conclude that granite is a better option. Your quartz countertops are eco-friendly, antibacterial, and can last for years simply by using trivets to set your hot cookware on the countertop.

Since quartz is less porous than granite, it’s less likely to get stained. So if you want to get quartz countertops for your home, the only thing you need to learn is ways to protect them from thermal shocks.

Protecting Quartz Countertops 

Homeowners planning to install quartz countertops should implement preventative measures such as placing heat pads and trivets in several spots. Buy metal trivets to enhance the look of your kitchen design.

Though you can use trivets on your kitchen countertop, it’s better to keep hot pans on the stove. This will eliminate any risk of damaging your countertop. Doing so will also prevent spilling any hot liquids on the countertop surface.

People sometimes forget that quartz countertops need regular maintenance despite being non-porous and resistant. Maintaining a quartz countertop is extremely easy, and the cleaning can be done within a few minutes.