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Marble Makeover: Top Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

Are you bored with looking at the same bathroom décor each morning? It might be time for you to do a remodel for the holidays. But where to start? And what materials to use? Well, you can’t go wrong with marble.

All you need is an interior design service that can give your bathroom the marble makeover it so desperately needs!

Read this blog post to learn four ways you can incorporate marble into your bathroom to give it a complete redesign.


Marble is a versatile material, especially for home décor. Many homeowners in Naples, FL, choose to install marble countertops in their bathrooms. Because marble is easier to clean and maintain, it makes for user-friendly usage, especially as countertops in bathrooms.


Marble has also been used for bathroom tiling purposes due to its durability. Marble tiling can significantly improve your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, increasing your home’s resale value. Marble tiles typically go on walls and floors, but depending on where you’d like them, an expert can guide you on which type of marble to opt for.

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Another great way to incorporate marble in your bathroom is to get a custom sink made. Because marble has a lot of variety, some types do well in both indoor home spaces as well as outdoor ones. For example, the marble Crema Valencia has red veins, making it an attractive choice for sinks and tubs, as well as for outdoor tables and stools, etc.


Finally, you can also get a marble bathtub made for your home in Naples, FL. Marble is naturally cooling, so for Floridians, this is a major advantage during the summer months. So, if you were to install a marble bathtub during the winter season, your future self who has to live in Florida’s summer season will thank you for your earlier investment.

A set of bathroom toiletries sitting on a marble countertop

To get a Marble countertop Naples for your bathroom in Naples, all you need is a reliable interior design service that specializes in custom finishings. Luckily for you and other residents of Naples, Stone Express Inc. is catering to all kinds of custom marble installations for homeowners.

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