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Advantages Of Installing A Marble Bathroom Counter Top

Marble has one of the most unique-looking designs among other carbonated mineral rocks. Today you will find marble in all sorts of home furnishings, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and interior décor, among others.

Here are some upsides to getting a marble bathroom top.

1. Long-Lasting

The primary reason marble is used so frequently in home finishings is that it’s a soft stone rated 3 on the Mohs hardness scale. It’s also durable for daily use in your bathroom as it doesn’t break or scratch easily, but the durability is also dependent on the quality of the marble being used.

A declaration of love and devotion, the Taj Mahal was built sometime during the early to mid-1600s using white marble. Although it has gone through significant weathering, the monument stands tall, proving that love–and marble–can withstand pretty much anything!

2. Aesthetic Appeal

Incorporating marble finishings anywhere in your home can potentially raise its property value, given how each piece is exceptional. So, if you’d also like a custom marble kitchen countertop to compliment your marble bathroom top, we highly recommend it as it’ll tie your home décor together.

brown-colored marble bathroom countertop with white cabinets at the bottom

3. Fireproof

Marble can survive high temperatures fairly easily because of its resistance to UV rays. This also means that it won’t deteriorate or fade if you forget a scented candle burning next to your bathroom vanity. However, to make sure you fully take advantage of its heat resistance, we recommend a polish or laminate sheet for added protection.

4. Economical

Another reason for marble’s popularity in interior design is that it’s a relatively cheaper material when compared to granite or quartz. For those of you hoping to save some money on your home renovation, consider looking into different marble varieties.

If you need support in finding the right kind, our experts can help you make the right choice.

To begin your Marble countertop Naples renovation in Naples, FL, call us directly at (239) 213-0555. Our Countertop Contractor Naples will respond by setting up a visit to your home and then provide you with a breakdown of what to expect with the installation.

We can also install a matching kitchen countertop if you’d like, as well as add marble to your shower slabs. So, get in touch now, and let’s get your home décor upgraded!