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5 Staircase Designs For Your Home In Naples, FL

Renovating your home can be quite stressful, especially if you’re supervising it all by yourself. From getting home furnishings to electrical appliances, there’ll be lots to plan and execute, but as experts in interior design, you should always hire a contractor who’s well-versed in the services you require.

If part of your home renovation is redoing your staircase design, this is the blog you need to read. Here are five irresistible staircase designs for your home that’ll completely change your home’s atmosphere.

1. Straight

The beauty of the straight staircase lies in its simplicity. It has no bends or cuts but is instead just an uphill path that doesn’t change direction. With this design, you won’t need extra supporting structures in the middle of a complicated handrail. Just a reliable contractor, and you’re good to go!

2. L-Shaped

Mostly similar to the straight staircase, the L-shaped staircase has a 90-degree bend, usually in the middle, that changes the direction of the stairs. If you’d like privacy between the two floors, the L-shaped staircase can add that. Speak with our experts in Naples, FL as they can help you find the ideal staircase design for your home in just one consultation.

3. Spiral

As its name suggests, the spiral staircase is based on a single pole around which each step is installed as a helical arc. Aesthetically these are a lot more pleasing to look at when compared with some other designs. They are also quite compact, so you can save a lot of space in your home with this staircase design.

A white bifurcated staircase with a red carpet laid across the middle

4. Curved

Similar to how a spiral staircase is built, curved staircases also follow a helical arc and are commonly placed on entrances of restaurants and offices, given their unique aesthetic. Provided that the steps are wide, it’s easy to walk on them as well. Speak with your contractor to see if a curved staircase would work for your home to be sure.

5. Split

Now, this is one staircase design for your home that’s an immediate attention-grabber. Constructed to descend from two ends of a hall to meet on one landing, which then descends further, this bifurcated staircase is ideal if you want your home to exude class and sophistication. Our Countertop Contractor Naples will first need to assess whether there’s enough space to install this on your property, so don’t delay your consultation.

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