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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Granite Countertops

Though granite countertops are valued for their durability and beauty, it doesn’t mean they don’t require maintenance. Granite countertops improve the aesthetic appeal of your home at an affordable cost.

However, they’re prone to damage when exposed to chemical spills, prolonged heat exposure, and scratches. If not properly taken care of, the appearance of your granite countertops will slowly diminish. This guide will discuss the tips to extend the lifespan of your granite countertops.

Adopt Regular Cleaning 

Since granite is a porous stone, it can stain because of penetrating liquids such as wine or coffee. In case of liquid spills, you must clean them immediately to protect their appearance and prevent discoloration. Moreover, follow a regular cleaning routine by using products suitable for granite countertops.

Some spills may also cause grime accumulation. Though dirt can be removed faster with an abrasive cleaning solution, these chemicals may damage the sealant. So, to avoid scratches and dents, use a soft cloth.

Use Cutting Boards

Despite being a highly durable material, granite scratches easily. So you must always use a cutting board on your granite countertop. Chopping anything directly on the countertop surface will also damage the sealant and reduce its shine.

Prevent Heat Exposure 

Granite countertops have superb heat resistance, but extreme heat exposure for a longer period can lead to various damages. For instance, the fluctuation in the temperature may result in a thermal shock and even crack your countertop.

Furthermore, prolonged heat can also break the surface and trigger discoloration. The best way to prevent heat transfer to your countertop is using trivets to place hot pans. You can leave wooden planks on your countertop for enhanced durability.

Regular Granite Sealing 

Keep your granite countertops in sound condition for years, keep up on their sealing. This will also protect them from stains and dirt buildup. Darker granite countertops are less porous and denser, so they’re at a lower risk of getting stained.

Don’t Stand On Them 

Granite is one of the most durable countertop materials, but it’s not designed to withstand excess weight. So you must avoid standing on them and use a ladder to reach higher cabinets or change lighting fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen.

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