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Essential Tips for Choosing a White Marble Countertop

Marble kitchen countertops are the top choice for most homeowners because of their variety. Among all the available options, white marble countertops take the cake.

Though the material requires extensive care and maintenance, it can be a functional choice that lasts for years as long as you know what to expect. This guide will discuss effective tips for choosing a white marble countertop for your kitchen.

Don’t Worry About Stains

You can find white marble in a variety of shades and designs. Acid etching on colored marble is much more visible than on white marble. So if any liquid spills on your while marble countertop, don’t panic.

Classic Italian marble countertops are an ideal option for your kitchen as they feature excellent quality.

Different Marble Slabs

Since every marble slab is different, you can choose the exact stone pieces for the countertop. Consider matching the veining of the white marble slabs and then place them in the appropriate direction. When placed smartly, marble slabs can make your countertop look like it’s painted.

In the case of a big countertop, think of how different pieces can be joined together. The larger the countertop, the lesser the seams. However, if you still get seams, consider book-matching the marble.

Veining Patterns

Marble blocks that are cut in two different ways help achieve distinctive veining patterns. For example, fleuri-cut or cross-cut will give you slabs featuring open-flower patterns. On the other hand, vein-cut slices the marble block the opposite way to give a striped, linear appearance.

Designers use these cuts to create unique looks.

Different Finishes

Different polishing and brushing procedures have massively transformed and reshaped marble countertops. But the most common finishes are honed (matte appearance) and polished (glossy appearance).

Homeowners are recommended to opt for honed finish to avoid acid etching. That’s because etching on a polished surface will cause the marble to lose its shine in certain parts. But in case of a honed finish, etching will dull the finish that’s already dull while hiding the loss of shine.

White marble kitchen countertop

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